Catania, 20-21 May 2016



The previous Forum was focused on the relaunch of Healthcare that had to come from the agreement for health, an agreement that for the Minister of health had to implement “safety measures for the Italian healthcare system for the next generations and lay the foundations to give a new face to our Healthcare”. With the management renovation of the National Healthcare Service a serious programme would have been started to promote also the scientific research and technological innovation, as an investment for a fairer Healthcare, and the optimization of the use of both economic and staff resources. Unfortunately, although the good intentions of the Minister the healthcare had to suffer the effects of course not positive of the IV spending review and law of stability 2016.

But the year 2016 will see as protagonists the entry into force of the new code of procurements and making operative the aggregating entities. Of course they was born with some criticalities indeed, the enabling law no. 11 of 28th January 2016 implementing the European directives on public procurements, envisages within 18th April the acknowledge of said directives, while within 31st July 2016 the new code that will lose its regulation that will be replaced by general guidelines by ANAC should be created. About the aggregating entities we should verify that, except for central bodies already structures and functioning, most pf the Regions shall still activate in that behalf with the alternative to resort to other aggregating entities with all the negative consequences that could derive from choosing drugs and medical devices that of course do not follow the direction of the personalization of treatments.

Anyway we shall also pick the positive aspects of the new procurement directive, that in its considerations and articles suggests a sure way to follow, the one of the appreciation of quality and a correct assessment of costs that should concern precisely the whole life cycle of an asset. In order to optimize the resources, as well as for the purposes of the assurance to provide quality services, it is desirable that the choice of the purchasing strategy takes into account the peculiarity of the health care services (goods and services to be contracted), of the context and real goals to be achieved. Hence we should activate contract procedures looking at the therapeutic suitability – for drugs – and suitability and quality of devices, maybe accompanied by appropriate services, where knowledge and cooperation are necessary to guarantee as best as possible the requirements of the clinician and treatment and satisfaction of patients. We hope that the governance of the central purchasing bodies will be shaped in this respect, by redesigning roles and functions with absolute coherence and balance.

The Seventh edition of the Forum, consistently with the objective of the previous edition (I hope partially achieved), wants to provide suitable and important elements of reflection with the aim to propose to the National Lawmaker strategic choices focused on the achievement of the objectives of sustainability of the Health System that it sets, nevertheless, without excluding the quality of the provision of services in full compliance with the inalienable right of every citizen, as provided for by art. 32 of the Constitution.

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