Rome, 9th May 2016



After the introduction in Italy of the drug Sativex®, a significant number of people with MS has improved considerably their quality of life, with clinically significant improvement of the spasticity and associated symptoms. These progresses in the therapeutic management of MS are witnessed by real life data, deriving from the analysis of evidences collected with the monitoring register AIFA (SA.FE. Study).

But a great difficulty observed by patients and clinicians in managing the therapy is represented by the administrative and logistic complexities associated with modalities of dispensing with the periodical withdrawal of the product that, against a proved efficacy, put a considerable obstacle to the prosecution of the therapy. Indeed, since only a unit at a time can be prescribed, the patients, people with mobility that can be also very reduced, are obliged every month to go to the hospital to obtain a new prescription and then withdraw the drug at the hospital pharmacy.

During the workshop the recent evidences produced by the SA.FE. study will be presented, and the problems related to the access to new therapies and economic and social involvements will be discussed.

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