Place and Date: Rome, 30th September 2016



The Congress The University Roma Tre for inclusion. From EXPO 2015 to ROME 2016: Reflections and Perspectives of Commitment represents a further opportunity of meeting and reflection to promote and implement a full university inclusion of students enrolled at the Athenaeum Roma TRE. The previous event of 7th October 2015 was held at the Belvedere Room of Palazzo Lombardia and welcomed within the initiatives organized in the week of EXPO HEALTH. This conference, in continuity with that of the 7th October 2015, wants to be a new occasion of interdisciplinary comparison between those who have faced from many perspectives the topic of the inclusion in order to identify cultural and scientific resources, also with the aid of dedicated services, to make the university environment and education more and more affordable and satisfying the necessities of the students. Hence, offering during the academic studies to everyone, indiscriminately and according to their different needs, the same opportunities and the same right to participate actively in the academic life, by bringing their experience and contribution.

Reflections and Perspectives of Commitment suggest the proactive aim to want to promote more and more concrete occasions of meeting, intended to sharing and dialogue, focusing on implementing and improving the quality of the services provided, already present in the University with a view to plan the future initiatives to guarantee the full and real inclusion of everyone. Commitment that after a year is renovated thanks to the sensibility, involvement and participation of the whole Academic Community of the University Roma TRE.

The initiative is targeted to school directors, teachers of all levels, special ed teacher, educators, psychologists, welfare workers, speech therapists, nurses, physiotherapists and everyone performing their activity in the social and healthcare area.

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