Milan, 9th  March 2016



In 2016 CasAmica will celebrate 30 years from the beginning of its activity, when, in 1986, created its first house to offer hospitality to people facing travels, from anywhere in Italy, to reach Milan and receive important hospital treatments at the National Institute for the treatment of tumours and Neurologico Besta. The experience gained over these years has put us in a privileged point of examination with respect to the evolution of the treatment system that allowed us to discover multiple requirements of a person that shall face the disease: not only those related to the treatment, but also those related to concrete, psychological, social and spiritual support.

We are sure that an appropriate answer to the current needs of patients, can arrive only from integration of different competence, shall be built from the cooperation between all the stakeholders involved in the treatment path – public facilities and voluntary organizations – and according to a new model of subsidiarity.

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