Ancona, 2nd April 2016



Diabetes is considered a social disease for its high prevalence in the population. Today 382 million people in the world have the diabetes and, within less than 25 years, they will be 592 million. In Italy diabetes affects more than 3 million people, 5,5% of the population.

Unfortunately, although it has been already ascertained that the increase of the incidence of Type II diabetes among the occidental populations is associated to the reduction of physical activity, with following increase of prevalence of obesity, the world level of sedentary lifestyle tends to increase. It is well known that, in managing the diabetes, besides a healthy nutrition, an appropriate physical exercise is essential. A regular aerobic exercise improves the glycaemic balance in diabetes and reduces the risk of complications.

Thus playing a sport becomes important for both holding under control the glycaemic values (and all the other values associated to the diabetic pathology such as those of the blood pressure), and a healthy ageing. Likewise important is to demonstrate that the diabetes does not represent an obstacle to a competitive sport and actually the latter, whether played on the base of essential knowledge on the management of the therapy, leads to significant improvements in the clinical history.

According to the topics described above, showing how an intervention of Public Health is by now necessary, and not avoidable anymore, that intercepts and fosters the development of the sport activity in diabetic people, and physical activity in population, said Conference aims to examine in depth clinical, legislative and organizational topics that can foster the sport activity in people with diabetes and present a project to promote the physical activity through historical and cultural paths and itineraries of the cities (City to walk and of health).

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